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Our expert name development team have crafted a select portfolio of unique and catchy names well suited for companies in high growth industries. For KillerPanda clients, a good name just won't cut it. Our clients need an authoritative and distinctive name that stands out. It's critical to have a prodigious name with an enduring quality.

At KillerPanda, we focus on generating non-restricted, multi-market names that will work in the areas of heightened opportunity -- health care, technology, financial services, entertainment, professional services and other growth fields.

Ready-to-Use Company Names

It can be frustrating for small business owners to find a really cool and catchy name, only to learn  that the name isn't available or the dot-com domain name has already been taken. That's why every brand name you see listed in the online is available and ready to build on.

At we have a team of the best naming experts in the business who focus on creating truly stand-out company names in high growth industries. We're busy looking for interesting, cutting edge names that will capture the attention -- and imagination -- of your audience.

Cool Names for your Business

KillerPanda is your one-stop source for names that your audience will remember. Cool names like Diply, ZipVans, Google, Twitter, FourSquare and eBay.

If you're starting a "pure-play" business or start-up with a visionary growth trajectory, we have that perfect, captivating name for you that can be built into a formidable brand.

If you're looking for a name for the long run -- the kind of name you can build a powerful brand and company around, you've come to the right place.

Cool Company Names

Brand Name Development: Myths & Facts

Brand Myth: Recently I was a business conference where people were talking about brand equity and how to build equity into a brand. I was thinking that a brand isn't like a house so how could you build equity into it?

Brand Fact: While your brand isn’t exactly like a house, it needs to build equity. Not the same type of equity you build into a house but equity non-the-less.

When a perspective client is presented with seemingly equal products what would make them choose yours over another? At the most basic level Brand Equity is the reason why someone would choose your product or company over another.

Brand equity includes but is not limited to, design, advisement, brand naming, and even packaging.

We've put together a blog on Brand Equity where we go further into details and give you some great examples of where brand equity made the difference.


Want more Brand Myths and Facts follow the link or and learn How to Brand Your Company in five easy steps.

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Cool Company Names