Brand Reinvigoration and Updating What do you do with a 43 year old breakfast restaurant chain which has lost its luster?  You get a new CEO in there with fresh ideas on how to reinvigorate the brand and that is exactly what Julia Stewart is doing at IHOP! Stewart took the reigns as CEO in
 Keep Your Brand Message Intact This past weekend the Killer Panda team got to talking about how important it is to keep a consistent brand message and the trouble you can get into when you start to dilute your brand. What got this conversation rolling was some of the Brand Development Team went down to

How to Name Your IT Company

Killer Panda loves Naming IT Tech Companies! If you’re starting an IT Company you know the unique challenges when it comes down to naming your brand.  An IT Company needs a brand name that will not only convey what it is their company does but it also needs to tell people that your particular company
How do you Brand a Business? For those of you reading the Killer Panda blog, you’ll notice we’ve taken a bit of break for a while but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been writing about brand development. I really want to draw your attention to the new How To Brand a Company article our