our approach to brand naming at Killer Panda
Learn how our team can help you with brand naming at Killer Panda. The Team at Killer Panda helps startups started right with a targeted and unique startup name. How do we know what a startup needs? We know because we are one and we’ve been there! The Killer Panda Brand Development Team has put
streamlining brand name with logo
Having the best business name is only part of a great brand.  The last several blogs have really been focusing on developing the best name for your brand but, we hate to say it, just because you have the name doesn’t mean you’re done. To get the most out of your brand name and have the maximum
Knowing your Business for a Successful Brand Killer Panda is not only dedicated to helping you find the best name for your brand, product or business but we’re here to help you develop that name as part of a larger brand.  Anyone starting a business in today’s market knows that not only do you have
Recently Bob Newhart was on a late night talk show and the host asked him a question that had always bothered me and might have bothered you. He asked why on earth was the show he created and stared in called “The Bob Newhart Show” when his character’s name was “Bob Hartley?” Bob Newhart explained